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Alex Blinkoff


Creativity is my specialty: I have worked in a number of writing jobs and want to pursue a move up to managing a content team and setting a content strategy.


 Writing and Editing  Content Research  Project Management  Microsoft Office Suite  SEO Best Practices  Digital Management Platforms  Social Media  Adobe Software

Anything else?

Hello, my name is Alex. I've been working in right-wing spaces in DC for three years now. I'm in the market for a new job, and I bring a lot to the table for prospective employers: 1. Exceptional Writing and Editing Skills I have been employed by several outlets as a writer, and I take pride in my polished style. One of my major focuses is to cut through cruft and jargon to get to the heart of the subject. I believe that a good style is one that is both readable and accurate, not sacrificing one for the other. Mostly recently, my work with NFIB has challenged me to apply my writing to articles that must fit specific and ever-changing organizational messaging. 2. Project Management and Multitasking My work involves juggling everything from quick-turn 30-minute assignments to multi-month projects that require frequent input from various stakeholders and internal clients. I have grown adept at time management as a result. 3. Marketing and Social Media My work at GMF and NFIB revolved around social media, drafting Tweets and Facebook posts to maximize article reach. I have also worked on several marketing campaigns for articles I’ve written. 4. Organizing and Communicating with Internal Shareholders My NFIB experience has often involved acting as a bridge between various teams, subject matter experts and executives. I have also gained experience in managing a team as Project Manager with Blink Resume and the senior of three copywriters at the RNC. 5. Solid Background in Research and Synthesis I am proficient at much more immediate forms of research, such as quickly acquainting myself with an issue I was previously unfamiliar with to write an article about it. NFIB articles often demanded intimate familiarity with small business issues that I had to quickly research and synthesize my work into an article. As a freelancer, I frequently took on projects that involved significant amounts of original research. 6. Graphic Design and Adobe Suite At NFIB I have had the opportunity to work extensively in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, as well as Canva. Combined with my Photoshop experience, I am fully equipped to handle graphic design requests. I want to bring my abilities and dedication to your client. I assure that I won’t disappoint. Would you be able to meet with me in the next few weeks so I can further elaborate upon my qualifications? Sincerely, Alex Blinkoff

Willing to Relocate?

Not at the moment.