The Heritage Foundation

Senior Policy Analyst, Budget Policy

Job description

The Senior Policy Analyst, Budget Policy engages in research, publication, education programs, and other work concerning a broad array of fiscal policy issues, including government spending, the federal budget, and other economic issues. The analyst will be responsible for conducting research, writing, and publishing backgrounders, issue briefs, and commentary regarding issue portfolio with a focus on budgetary policy and government spending. The analyst will be responsible for representing Heritage and advancing policy positions on budget policy in a variety of meetings with policy makers and coalition partners.

Job Duties:

  • Conduct professional research, policy analysis, and writing for publication by Heritage and, as appropriate, others.
  • Organize meetings and events.
  • Represent Heritage in many settings, including public functions, professional conferences, and legislative hearings and meetings.
  • Work with others across Heritage and in other organizations, including Heritage Action for America, to achieve Heritage objectives.
  • Assists in preparation of Congressional testimonies.
  • Participates in the public policy community.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of the Hermann Center.


Education: Graduate degree in economics, finance, law, or business, or the acquisition of equivalent level of technical and research skills.

Experience: 5 years’ experience in public policy research and advocacy; record of publication.

Communication: Good public speaker and thoroughly competent writer

Technology: Microsoft Office and Outlook

Other Requirements:

  • Understands and supports the Heritage mission, visions for America, True North conservative principles, and the department’s goals and objectives.
  • Performs top-quality research, analysis, writing, and publication, with emphasis on accuracy, insightfulness, and timeliness, in economics and fiscal matters.
  • Engages in effective oral and written communication and advocacy, in a variety of settings, including public speaking and mass media appearances.
  • Exercises initiative, within mission and established policies, to achieve assigned objectives.
  • Expert knowledge of policy area and of legislative and executive branch figures having influence on its development.
  • Proven significant contributions to the public policy debate.

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