Majority Strategies

Digital Marketing Specialist

Job description

The Position (in priority order)


  • Review and analyze digital media buys across political, advocacy and brand verticals across social media and digital platforms
  • Identify notable data points around creatives, targeting, budget and other campaign details
  • Capture data to establish benchmarks and develop campaign standards
  • Maintain understanding of political landscape including key races, important dynamics and national trends


  • Create reports and visualizations that present information in clear and compelling formats
  • Disseminate reports to sales team in a timely and methodical manner
  • Provide context of the media buys to the bigger picture and identify key trends across individual flights and verticals


  • Develop audits and reports of website and social media presences that identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide suggestions for improvements to help clients strengthen their digital efforts


  • Answer sales staff and/or client questions on digital buys, website and social media presences, and general strategy.
  • Stay abreast of market trends and bring ideas to create demand for Majority Strategies products and services to Sales leadership.

Professional Background

1. Experience in digital advertising and political campaigns

2. Understanding of social media and digital advertising platforms

3. Proven track record of success in time sensitive, project oriented professional environment

4. Demonstrated background in working under pressure

5. Undergraduate degree preferred

Personal Qualities

1. Responsive communicator who works with urgency

2. Self-starter and independent thinker

3. Holds a sense of initiative and shares ideas proactively

4. Strong ability to communicate ideas clearly

5. Quick learner who is willing to study the inner workings of the company

6. Strong work ethic, wiliness to go the extra mile

7. Highly accountable and committed to work to tight deadlines where necessary

8. Highest personal integrity and personal/professional ethics

9. Demonstrates strong instincts and intuition

10. Cultural fit with the company and its leaders

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