Job description

The Assembly Republican Caucus of Nevada is hiring for a full time Executive Director

The Executive Director runs the day to day operations for the Assembly Republican Caucus and on behalf of all elected Republican Assembly members in Nevada.

During the Nevada Legislative Session (January-June) the Executive Director will work in session to help advance Republican policy priorities and once session breaks will transition to help craft and implement the political plan to target Republicans pick up seats seats in the Nevada Assembly.

This is a statewide position that is paid year round. Salary is guaranteed through the session (ending in June) then provided performance is met, members will vote to retain this candidate for the rest of the 2024 cycle.


a)    Draft Caucus Legislative Priorities.

b)   Work with Leadership and the Executive Committee Chair on the day-to-day functioning of the Caucus.

c)    Work with the Policy Director to help manage and categorize Bill Draft Request submissions by legislator, caucus, and subject category.

d)   Prior to session, work with Leadership to put together which members will sit on the ten committees (Commerce and Labor; Education; Government Affairs; Health and Human Services; Judiciary; Legislative Operations and Elections; Natural Resources; Revenue; and Ways and Means).

e)    The Executive Committee generates a budget that is approved by the Executive Committee and then voted on by the full body. The Caucus Director shall assist in this process and then make sure expenditures are within budgeted amounts. Regular reports on Budgeted versus Actual spending shall be made by the Treasurer of the Executive Committee with the assistance of the Caucus Director.

f)     Prior to the session, work with the Executive Committee to draft rules for members both in-session and out-of-session.

g)   The Executive Director will perform the duties of the Policy/Political Director when the position is vacant.

h)   Assist in fundraising for the Caucus PAC and individual members. This activity will be the focus for the period from July to December of odd-numbered years. The Executive Director will present a historic donor list and lobbyists list by industry to Leadership during this period. Additionally, the Executive Director will have preliminary meetings with lobbyists and help set up future meetings for Leadership.

i)     Work with the Treasurer on the Secretary of State mandatory Contribution and Expense Report filings. In odd numbered years, there is only one report that needs to be completed and it is due on January 15th of the next even numbered year. In even numbered years, there are now four total reports – one for each quarter, as well as the initial January 15th report for the previous year.

j)     Coordinate with each member’s campaign consultants and campaign managers. Once the Primary Election is finished, the Executive Director will be in very frequent contact with these campaign managers and consultants for each winnable open seat.

k)    Be in contact with all other Republican campaigns and entities throughout the state. It is important that all Republicans are on the same page coming out of the Primary Election. That is why it is crucial that the Assembly Caucus Executive Director be in contact with the campaign teams from the RNC, State Party, US Senate race, US Congressional races, and State Constitutional and State Senate races.

l)     Work with the Executive Committee to help create an internship program and an externship program by using contacts within the state to find Republicans who want to help the Caucus both in and out of the Legislative Session.

m)  Responding the Caucus member requests.

Required Qualifications:

  • This is not an entry level position and the candidate must have prior campaign experience above a volunteer level and as a paid operative.
  • Optimal candidate will have served as a Campaign Manager, Political Director, or Communications Director on a targeted campaign at the local, state, or federal level.
  • Candidate does not need to be from Nevada but if hired would need to relocate to Nevada and be based out of either Reno or Las Vegas.
  • Salary will depend on experience and qualifications.

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