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Digital Strategist

Job description

At Convergence, our mission is to help our clients win. And after years in the business, we know that the best way to achieve that mission is by building and investing in an unstoppable team to make it happen. We create customized digital programs for our Republican and conservative clients. So we’re looking for exactly the right people to lead them.

Our team’s success is truly the sum of our parts. Our staff roster is composed of campaign managers, true crime experts, a former high school teacher, foodies, field operatives, Floridians, fitness gurus, and Reese’s addicts. We come from varied backgrounds and have different passions, but we’re all the same in a few distinct ways: we work hard, we fight for the good guys, and we like to win.

If you share those core qualities and want to be a player on a team that is changing the face of digital politics, we’re excited to learn more about you.

We’re building our team based on the person, not the role, so the job description largely depends on what you can bring to the table. But, responsibilities in your day-to-day position at Convergence may include:

  • Helping our clients develop digital marketing programs and directing their success
  • Working with your team to ensure the highest level of service is provided to all clients
  • Managing and planning your clients’ content schedules across email, SMS, and other digital campaign communications
  • Overseeing online advertising campaigns
  • Digging into reports and insights to measure program efficiencies
  • Identifying and deploying innovative solutions to the problems your role faces

Here are some qualifications we think make for an exceptional Digital Strategist on our team:

  • A bachelor’s degree or similar
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Dedication to detail...triple check your resume before sending it our way!
  • Self-starter
  • Proven ability to learn quickly
  • Likes meeting deadlines and exceeding goals in a dynamic environment
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Experience with WinRed and/or email marketing a plus

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Please cite GOP Jobs as your lead for this job. It's an easy way to support us so we can keep posting cool jobs.