Arpit Patel

Digital Director


I have over 7 years of experience in digital strategy, with extensive work in digital fundraising, online advertising, website development, and creative design. Currently, I serve as Senator Todd Young’s digital director. In this role, I execute the campaign’s top to bottom digital strategy in-house. In the past, I have directed digital strategy for America Rising, and managed digital advertising the re-election campaigns of Governors Asa Hutchinson and Larry Hogan.

My Ideal Client

I'm interested in working with clients in any location and of any size as long as they are committed to growing their digital presence, whether that's building a new website, starting or growing an online fundraising program, advertising for acquisition or persuasion, embracing new technology, and more.

What I'm (really) Good At


You can learn more by visiting my website at
You can also connect with me on LinkedIn at
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