Alec Torres

Communications and Writing Consultant


In the White House and on Capitol Hill, Alec Torres has written for the highest profile leaders in Washington, including President Donald Trump and House Leader Kevin McCarthy. Alec knows what it takes to reach people and make news from his extensive experience translating complex policy information into accessible language, as well as writing speeches commemorating momentous events.

He has written over 125 sets of remarks delivered by the President and op-eds that have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Reuters, ABC, CNN, RealClearPolitics, City Journal, National Review, Newsmax, and more.

Whether you need one-time help or long-term assistance, speech training for yourself or a public speaker for your event, someone to write a piece or a thought partner to develop a grand idea, Alec can provide all the support you need.

My Ideal Client

I have worked with every type of client--political and non political--and remain open to working with any type of client.

What I'm (really) Good At


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